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This money meditation focuses on your money mindset and energy. It includes deep releases of any fears, doubts, judgements and limiting beliefs you have, followed by a series of potent money affirmations to help you expand into your wealth.

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She Who Moves

I have always been called a ‘doer’ some one who moves towards her goals, moves towards her pain, moves towards her problems. I never truly understood what that meant until I created my brand.

When I created my brand ‘The Gypsy Mumma’ I learnt very quickly that the way I moved was unique. Fearless in the pursuit in what I wished to achieve. I dared to succeed, I pushed past my fears effortlessly and blazed a trail for others to follow.

I created my brand for women like me. For them to feel safe to dream big, move where others have never stepped before and evolve into passionate, expansive, forever evolving leaders.

SHE, the women in my world move, she grows, she dares to meet herself at the edges to expand into her best self. She knows that the possibilities are endless. She’s fearless, hungry and driven. She knows what she wants and why she’s here. She’s ready to fight and is determined to become who she is destined to be.

These women in my world don’t fear, they don’t hold back, they dare to dream BIG. THEY MOVE.

This program is all about creating MOVEMENT in your world.


SHE WHO MOVES - Do you dare? Do you dare to chase those big scary goals and achieve beyond your wildest dreams? If you do, this module is for you. It’s about creating movement, pushing past your fears and fighting for more. Reminding you of how worthy you truly are.

THE DESIRE - That fire within you is there for a reason. That desire that burns so deeply right down to your core is constantly reminding you of why you’re here. Now it’s time to work with it, dance with it to put you on your path to your higher purpose. To live out the life of your dreams and create movement and hunger within you to pursue what truly sets your soul alive.

THE BECOMING - This module takes you on a journey into your future to see who you are destine to be and the magic you will create in 5 years time, even 10 years time from now. To see what your life will look like, the endless possibilities that are available to you and within your freedom who do you wish to become. That really is the question.

MOVE. It’s your destiny.