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EARTH HEALING MEDITATION - A deep earth cleansing meditation that heals, shifts and amplifies your energy working through all your auras, your pain body and al, your energy bodies.

DEEP WOMB HEALING MEDITATION - This meditation is designed to focus on your womb/sacral space so you can honour this space, celebrate this space and heal the deep traumas stored in this space.

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Money Manifesting Meditation

This 24 minute Guided MONEY MANIFESTING MEDITATION is a potent sequence of affirmations to help clear any money blocks, limiting beliefs and doubts that hold you back freeing you to receive massive amounts of money.

It begins with a deep release of any fears, doubts, judgements or limiting beliefs that you may have placed upon yourself. Giving you the opportunity to expand in your energy to receive.

It is then designed to focus on your mindset and the energy around money. Expanding your worthiness. Creating potent sequences of affirmations allowing your mind, body, and energy to receive the abundance you desire. Reminding you that you are wealth. Wealth is who you are. Wealth is always available to you and that are the vibe of wealth.

There are multiple ways to listen to this meditation. You can listen in a meditative state in a safe space, or have it playing in the background as you go about your day or simply on repeat while you sleep. It’s designed to work with your subconscious also.

This meditation is created to help you let go, release and finally earn the money you desire. It’s potent, expansive and deep. An opportunity to hold yourself and allow your big dreams to come true.

The biggest love, enjoy.