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DEEP WOMB HEALING MEDITATION - This meditation is designed to focus on your womb/sacral space so you can honour this space, celebrate this space and heal the deep traumas stored in this space.

MONEY MANIFESTING MEDITATION - This money meditation focuses on your money mindset and energy. It includes deep releases of any fears, doubts, judgements and limiting beliefs you have, followed by a series of potent money affirmations to help you expand into your wealth.

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Unapologetic AF Meditation

This guided UNAPOLOGETIC AF MEDITATION is perfect for anyone looking to connect deeply to self, discover who they truly are and own every single part of themselves.

It’s designed to help you take inspired action towards your purpose. So many of us loose our truth over the years and filter our authentic self. This meditation will help you become aware of how you hold yourself, your breath, what your ideal day will be and give you glimpses into the future. Your future self living her dream life and being free in expressing herself unapologetically AF.

It begins with awareness. Who are you now and who do you want to become? Creating pockets of release and receive. So you can focus on your future self. The woman that lives her life unapologetically AF. Expanding in her energy to manifest opportunities and create everything that she desires.

It will then take you on a journey of discovery. Connecting you to your higher self, leading you in to the future. Your dream life. Everything you desire. What does that look like for you? Exploring possibilities and endless opportunities. Growth, expansion and activations. Integrating a new version of yourself. Allowing you to be unapologetic AF about who you are.

Make no excuses this meditation isn’t for everyone. It’s powerful, extra spicy and here to rattle your soul. Designed to align you to your purpose and inspire you to soar. To step fully in your power and fulfill your mission upon the earth.

It’s magnetic, luscious and divinely created to inspire you. Enjoy!